PugliaFamily is the realization of a project born from the union of professional educators and parents who  combing their working life  and family life  wanted to  raise their children to appreciate  the  beautiful land of Puglia. A land that naturally offers experiences and emotions both in terms of hospitality but above all in terms of creativity.

The result of this, of the love of the territory and the resources it offers, finds its voice in this website. The aim is to gather and to present to families as much information as possible about what  territory has to offer in terms of activities, tourism, culture and family friendly events,  useful to better enjoy our extraordinary Puglia.

Puglia is  family-friendly


PugliaFamily is also tour design

Taste the flavours of this ancient and welcoming part of the world by discovering with us places and events where you can enjoy sun, sea and nature to the full; where to find open air art and what you can find in the numerous museums spread over the territory.


unique experiences

Secret Places, hidden to most. Only those who truly love their homeland, and have made uncovering the territorial excellences  their mission can really make you get to know and apppreciate  it.

Our itinararies will show you a family sized Puglia that you didn’t know existed, for a sostainable tourism at 360 degrees 365 days a year.

only those who live in Puglia can really show you Puglia


Follow all of our free “Puglia Family Events”, for a “Family sized” region

Days full of family fun

Cultural programmes, fun creative activities and many interesting adventures where mums dads and kids can live and share exciting experiences together.

We offer online spaces to culture programme, tourist and recreational operators where they can present their products and services supporting the activities proposed by the cooperative


Good adventure!