In the marvelous scenery of the Daunia Woods (in northern Puglia), a truly special and unique place for fun and holidays is born: Parco Daunia Avventura.

Defining it simply as an adventure park doesn’t even come close to giving you an idea of everything that this special place has to offer.

There are many services and activities on offer; workshops for children, archery, lunches and dinners in the park, mountain bike trails and, at the end of the day the Bed & Tree experience. Fantastic little tree houses to make your stay a real adventure holiday.

High up, between the branches of the trees you can enjoy, in complete safety, the wonderful experience of the suspended adventure routes with wooden platforms, steel cables and ropes, all rigorously and totally in respect of the plants and their habitat.

The forest becomes a perfect place to learn!

In the shade of oaks, downy oaks and conifers, the undergrowth grows thick with dog roses and orchids. There are many pathways through the woods where nature offers up many of her wonders, this is the natural habitat of many wild animals; you could meet wild boars and foxes and many other animals too, like kites, wolves and porcupines.

The naturalistic learning laboratories are dedicated to open air activities. On a small tour, guided by experts you will find yourself immersed in natural sounds, in an uncontaminated environment rich with the presence of plants, flowers and insects making this a unique experience of a kind of its own.

Guided excursions along nature trails are one of the many activities that Daunia Avventura Park offers its visitors. Thanks to the presence of a rich network of  trails that runs through the Adventure Park, you can visit “Il Rifugio” in Monte Cornacchia, Lake Pescara, Orto di Zolfo, Guado del Tufo and the Sentiero Frassati.

Camping! with a difference: Experience the unique and fantastic adventure of sleeping in a treehouse immersed in the woods.

This is the best place for those who love nature and want to spend a few days relaxing in a pristine environment surrounded by nature.

The Bed and Tree area has four houses built high up in the trees.

In addition to breakfast, the costs include the necessary equipment for the Sleeping in the Woods experience (sleeping bag, mattress,lamp and water bag  for washing).

You can also live the exciting experience of the “Forest Camp” a weekend of pure enjoyment, in contact with nature. Do the Night Time Suspended Adventure Routes and sleep a night in a tent with just your sleep bag and a torch! Followed by a comfort free day, attempting to go from “Lago Pescara” to “Biccari”

A note certainly of merit, is that the park is totally PLASTIC FREE, and adheres to the campaign that the Puglia Region is conducting to eliminate the use of disposable plastic, anticipating European directives by two years.

Together we can also organize your dream birthday party or celebrate a special anniversary, and for schools we offer activity packages  consisting of educational and naturalistic workshops, guided trekking, archery and theatre workshops.

Info e prenotazioni:

From Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 13.00 and from 16.30 to 18.30, by calling 0881/613290 or 342/3720882

Buy tickets on with a special discount.